Thursday, April 3, 2014

Albatross on a Gimbal

After seeing Stephen's planes able to dive, bank and generally swoop about, I had to have a go to.  I agonised over whether to embed the ball in the plane or something equally definitive, but in the end settled for the much less intrusive option of cutting one of the altitude pegs in half and reassembling with the gimbal.

Now we can soar and also share between planes.  Way to go!

The two planes circled around each other for a while, getting in just a little damage until my plane suffered a catastrophic explosion and that was that.

The night was still young at the NWS and we were able to fit in a game of Sails of Glory.

Stephen took HMS Defence (lower left had corner) and got in an inordinate number of crew hits with his various broadsides that turned my poor Generaux into the Marie Celeste.   Not my night.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks - yes they really bring the plane to life.

  2. Great addition to the game Mark (and Steve), banking planes look much, much better and more realistic. Now you just have to get rid of those sabot's that the ships sit on...! :)
    You seem to have forgotten to post the photo of your plane in flames? I was told the news by a particular smug aviator!

    1. All photos destroyed in the explosion :-)

      For my new ship I am currently working a base that is will have it sitting closer to the water and hopefully more photogenic.

  3. I like the gumball idea I will have to experiment on my 1/144 kit too!