Monday, March 31, 2014

From Dreamboat to Shipwreck

The paper boat I was making from War Artisan was coming along a treat.  I had just finished the sails and was taking it for its first official photograph when it sailed off and landed on the concrete floor in my studio, shattering the bow spirit and main mast.

What PVA glue giveth...

Comparison of Sails of Glory 74 gun ship with the paper 64 gun ship.

The paper ship on the Sails of Glory plinth.

The Sails of Glory ship without its plinth, but still with its peg (and therefore supported on two nuts).

Too glum to say any more. 



  1. I enjoy dropping in to read about your ship models and naval warfare, great stuff! thumbs up!


  2. Unlucky Mark as we have all had that happen over the years and always at the worst possible moment. They do look great even though!