Tuesday, March 25, 2014

French Napoleonic Cuirassiers

Perhaps my favourite of Napoleonic cavalry units, I was over joyed to find a unit of French cuirassiers in my earlier Christmas present.  My existing 15mm French army has some cuirassiers, but the figures and painting are rather indifferent, but this unit of ABs painted by Dragon Painting Services and touched up by me (rebased, new flag, straitened swords, and a few paint chips repaired) I think do the French heavy cavalry proud.

Only one wonky sword (second from the left, next to the trumpter).  That one was tending to break rather than straiten so I did the best I dared and gave it a good coat of PVA glue which I hope will get it through all future battles.

My passion, as well as my pronunciation challenge, for cuirassiers goes back to the Waterloo movie and the Airfix set.


  1. Great...yes indeed a great unit to have, I always thought or under the impression you french players love the french Carabiniers cavalry unit as the favorite unit to have? where as for me my Russian ULan regiment or 12 gun 6Ib Horse battery will just do fine up against your french "medieval knights" know as Cuirassiers :o)

    anyway..great figures/painting, 18mm AB miniatures are the best to have!

    all the best,

  2. Oh these are very nice, we do love our French Heavy Cavalry


  3. Very nice, some great and heavy charges to come!

  4. Thanks everyone, your comments are helping motive me to finish off the collection of figures I got as part of the package lot. The only one that is going to need some work is the hussards.

    If it is Russians you want to see, stay tuned.

  5. Very nice work Mark - looking forward to seeing them on the table!

    1. Thanks. I am very pleased how they have turned out. I will have to check with you, but I think the Napoleon's Battles basing is very close to that used by General de Brigade. If so it provides more options.