Thursday, March 20, 2014

Third Sail

Last night was the big outing for Sails of Glory as I took it to the Napoleonic Wargaming Society here in Perth.  It went over well bringing in a few more players for some games next week.

Stephen and I played two games using the standard rules.  He was the British frigate and I was the French frigate.

The HMS Terpsichore putting in the death blow to the poor Courageuse with a bow rake.

Second game saw the Courageous get revenge with a final long range shot forcing the HMS Terpischore to surrender.  Apologies for the blurred photo, but it was taken after the last of the grog ration had been consumed.

Next week will hopefully see more ships at sea and the use of the advanced rules.


  1. I am now getting too excited fro words, I enjoyed my game of Napoleonic Naval but the rules (circa thirty years+ old) were cumbersome

    The thought of a Napoleonic Naval along the lines of Wings of Glory ... hmmm

    1. My knowledge of Napoleonic naval is not as complete as my knowledge of Napoleonic land warfare (which is probably amateurish at best), but Sails of Glory gave a good game and it felt naval like. The game looks better than the photos, but is not as photogenic or perhaps as eye catching as Wings of Glory (particularly WW1).

      In that last picture above, note that long range is the yellow part of the stick and short range the orange (and red and purple). The red and purple are for grape and chain shot. Musketry is just the width of the stick. So, in the game you posted, hence my shock at the long range shot.