Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Reinforcements - French Line

Work has been continuing on what was my early Christmas present.  Rather than post up a unit at a time I thought I would go for a "levee en masse", so here we have all eight units (that's eight brigades for my Napoleon's Battles army, a good sized corps).  That is almost two hundred figures (8x24FrLN).  The paint job is by Dragon Painting Services and I have only rebased them to my style of flock, re flagged them using a print-out from Warflag, repaired a flagpole and a bayonet, and added a bit of detail to some of the officers.

There are at least a dozen more units to go and if I'm lucky I will have them finished before next Christmas.

Also showcasing in these pictures is my new backdrop (I was getting tired of having to take high angle shots in order to avoid background clutter - very primitive, but it's a start).


  1. Very nice! I also like the looks of your naval battle gme from the previous post roo.

  2. Thanks.

    My big challenge is now to link Sails of Glory with a Napoleonic game. I could see a game were a Sails of Glory encounter was to drop off a spy. If successful that could aid the subsequent land battle. Also could fit in well with some skirmish encounters. Anyway, time will tell.

  3. Replies
    1. It's the sea of bayonets, all glinting in the flash (and heavily coated in a protective layer of PVA glue underneath their satin varnish).

  4. sorry I'm late :o) I missed the bus....

    The AB french units and painting look marvelous!


    1. Better late than never :-)

      The AB figures are superb and the Dragon Painting Services paint job was good. They can certainly paint detail that I can't.