Thursday, March 6, 2014


Prior to our Wings of Glory game last night I set up a DBA game with Stephen using my figures and terrain.  Stephen took command of Thessalains (II/5d Late Hoplite Greek) and I took the (Very) Later Visigoths (II/82b).  Not an historical match, but actually very similar armies (important as Stephen was a bit rusty on the rules and I didn't want to complicate things with too many troop types - as it was I learnt things).  Importantly, as I was using my figures, I wanted to field two armies that didn't look the same to avoid confusion.

I had failed to bring enough camp followers, or perhaps the donkey was enough.  Either way it was well defended from the invading Greeks.  It also generated interesting comments from passers-by.

The Greek general flees.  What more can I say, but "Nice move!"  Some good fighting (read die rolls) by the Visigoths broke the Greek line, which was just as well as their cavalry was working around the flank, although finding it hard going against the Visigoth bowmen.

I was so used to fighting knights I was surprised at the resilience of cavalry.  I also found out the road does give a movement advantage, not just a command one as I thought.

Simple rules maybe, but I do find they produce a challenging game that can be played in a hour without too much fuss.  Perfect for a weeknight at the club.


  1. cool....I just love that very smart Donkey :o)

    I agree DBA rule sets are great to play with, also great to play campaigns about 2-3 hours real time.


    1. Thanks Phil. I've just been sent two other photos of the game which I have made into a separate post. No more shots of the donkey (yet).

      I agree re being great for doable campaigns, I just need to build up the number of players first.