Thursday, March 13, 2014

Having a blast with my Albatross

Last night we tried out attacking trenches.  I was the defending scout in my Albatross.

The Archie from the trenches got the first camel smoking as I closed in for a kill on the second.

Using the cards to denote damage on trenches is rather ugly.

Nothing like well aimed fire to take out an opponent.  Just to cap it off the very next turn the trench on the far right got a critical hit on the remaining Camel and down it went.

Need to work on some better explosion/critical hit makers.

When we revisited to scenario we found we had placed the trenches a bit to thickly, but a quick game is a good game and it left time for a WW2 game of Wings of Glory and my Gladiator too down Stephen's Fiat.

1 comment:

  1. Interesting the amount of ground-fire the pair of camels received as they fley along the German lines. Definitely need to space the trench counters at least a ruler distance apart. Trench/troop damage may need marking with a counter: I agree that leaving damage counters on the game map does not look nice!