Sunday, March 16, 2014

First Sail

Thanks to Milsims (and Australia Post) my starter set of Sails of Glory arrived on Friday and yesterday I had my first go at a solo encounter between two frigates last night.

The level of excitement had waned somewhat from when I first ordered the set, but when it arrived i was very happy with what I'd got.  I'd been prepared for ships that were something like out of a Kinder surprise, but the miniatures are fine to use as they are.  They also offer plenty of opportunity for enhancement or detailing.  It wouldn't be too hard to use other models either is my guess.

I pitted the Courageuse against the HMS Terpsichore just using the basic rules.  I liked how the movement worked, particularly beating, reaching, running and taken aback.  Combat worked well, and I can see a business opportunity in providing suitable monogrammed bags to hold the damage chits.

The HMS Terpsichore makes a run for it after Courageuse got the upper hand in combat.  I believe discretion is the better part of valour although I am sure the Captain of the HMS Terpsichore would have been court-martialed for fleeing the scene of battle.

I don't yet have the Sails of Glory playing mat and was using my yoga mat as a substitute.

The only thing I didn't care for is the little tea trays that the ships float around on.  I think it would be easy to come up with a replacement method of basing the models and providing flexibility for them to represent different ships.

If you like the Wings of War game system and have an interest in Napoleonic naval than I would recommend this game from Ares.


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    1. I'd feel better about it if I was using my own models, but detailing the ones that come with the game will be fun and make 'em mine :-)

  2. Thanks for posting your comments Mark. I guess that you would get used to the ships 'riding high', but it does seem to detract from the look. Pleasing that you think the models are better than expected; those that I had seen in photos so far did look a bit too 'toy-like', but photos can deceive.

    1. Hoping to have my first one on one game today. Have now read all the rules and they seem pretty comprehensive and playable.

      Of course "toy-like" like many things, is in the eye of the beholder. An important consideration is the playability of the models - rugged enough to stand up to handling by wargamers, but detailed enough not to offend the wargamer's discerning eye.

      My current thoughts are on basing alternatives and then I might look at some rigging and a wash on the sails and maybe a bit more painting. I don't have an extensive collection of Napoleonic naval reference material (I know where some is in the UK, but that is a bit of a trip), so my drive to repaint is absent, although I would like to weather the sails.

      I also have a plan to make some paper boats - that would open the way to showing damage and sail configurations.