Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Dog Ate My Plane

Not my excuse for not going to the club tonight, but what I was greeted with when I got home.

Scratch one Fiat CR.42 Falco.  Wheel missing (believed eaten), base crunched and maneuver cards chewed.

Chief suspect being detained for questioning.

He claims he didn't do it, but then said he was put up to it by a much smaller dog.  Unluckily for us he has form.  Personally I blame Christmas.

Last Christmas a gingerbread man was wrapped and put under the tree.  Dog, who goes by the name of Pierre, rips wrapping apart and devours most of the gingerbread man.  We learnt by this and put any edible gifts up high.  Dog did not learn and later semi chewed up some cosmetics.  Bad doggy.

Of course it was really my fault for leaving my toys on the floor in their boxes, the door to my study open and the dog alone in the house.  At least the poor plane can be easily replaced.


  1. I have the same problem with a much loved dog called Thor, only he would not have left much in the way of evidence! I have to ensure nothing is left within reach or it is destroyed.

    1. I thought he had got over the chewing stage (he's at least three), but if he things it's food...

      One of the first things of my he destroyed was my copy of Anthony Beevor's book on WW2. Given this was a WW2 plane. maybe he just doesn't like that period?

  2. I had some lead French Napoleonics that I left too close to the edge of my little work table, that got snaffled by our then young (since deceased - we are talking 15 or 16 years ago, here) Taco Terrier (i.e. mongrel) hight Tigger (He came with the name - I just called him 'Dog', a much more suitable appellation). Fortunately I was able to glue the guy with the severed legs back together (you hardly know his circumstances were one so reduced), and repair the damage on the others. But it inspired a song - a lament - sung to the tune of 'Universal Soldier': 'Useless Dog'.

    I don't recall all the lyrics, but it broadly went like this:

    'He's a useless dog, he's a totally useless dog;
    He's a completely and utterly useless dog.
    He's no use at all, he won't come when you call,
    He's a really, really, really useless dog.

    He craps on the lawn, sure as the day you're born;
    His uselessness to amazes and appal;
    He's been useless since he came; I don't know who to blame;
    He barks and and barks and barks at nothing at all...

    ... well, you get the idea.

  3. Must admit I am not a fan of dogs, my father-in-laws puppy crapped in our lounge last night - it very nearly got a flying lesson out the window...

    1. Hmmm, this dog was my mother-in-law's dog... There might be a clue there :-)

  4. Four more planes and he is a ace!

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    1. There is a difference between faith and blind credulity, dude. Here is your argument in a nutshell: I believe in the Bible because of the resurrection of Christ; and I believe in the resurrection of Christ because it says so in the Bible. Now, think about this carefully. Can you see what might be wrong with this line of reasoning? Just checking...

    2. I agree Archduke.

      My first received comment in 250 posts that I have had to delete.

      So it goes.

  6. If t was me I would replace the dog... only saying