Saturday, April 26, 2014

Russian Napoleonic Grenadiers

Three units of beautiful AB miniatures painted by Dragon Painting Services.  All I've done is given them new flags (St Petersberg, Little Russia and Fangoria from Warflags), a rebase and a coat of PVA on their bayonets.  The only thing I'm not happy with is how the officer is sculpted with his sword outstretched,  The swords got two coats of PVA glue, but I think they ain't going to last too long...

St Petersberg to the fore.

St Petersberg, Fangoria and Little Russia (left to right).

I couldn't pass up on the opportunity to have a black and hot pink flag, but it was a hard choice, but the ladies in my household helped with the decision process.

Trying to keep all the bayonets and rifles straight on already painted figures was a challenge.

The Xmas haul is now much reduced with only four British, a French legere and hussar units left to do.  As long as I get them done by Xmas I will be okay.


  1. These units look marvelous, I gather this is a 1812 2nd grenadier division of 3 brigades - Bagration 2nd army of the west :o) using napoleons battles wargame rules?

    1. Thanks. Actually they will form Raevsky's Third Corps at Leipzig. there are just enough to do the 20RsGN and 3x16GN although I will be one command stand short (not to mention all the commanders and artillery).

      I am hoping they will be a good investment and serve where ever good Russian grenadiers are required.