Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Sail in Flames

Last night at the NWS I orchestrated a game of Sails of Gory involving four ships:

  • HMS Unite captained by Simon;
  • HMS Goliath captained by Mark B;
  • Le Success captained by Stephen; and
  • Genereux captained by me.

We were each running our own ship with counters and damage chits from my starter set.

I got off to a good start and gave the HMS Goliath a bow rake causing it to spring a leak.

MAD.  The two third rates came along side and traded broadsides.  A second leak occurred on the HMS Goliath which also caught fire, while on the Genereux two fires broke out as well as a leak.  It was only a short time until they were both reduced to sodden burnt wrecks.

The frigates traded long range blows and were able to repair their damage as quickly as it was inflicted.  It seemed that the two third rates had picked all the nasty chits from the A and B bags...  Early on Le Success was able to get a good bead on the HMS Unite, only to find that they had double shot loaded and couldn't make the distance.  Telling, as the game finished when the frigates finally closed and the HMS Unite was able to get a  double shot broadside on Le Success.  Leaks occurred and the boat went down. 


If more boats were involved would need a second set of counters and damage chits.

Even with just the four, and finally two, boats in action, it was still necessary to police the turn sequence.  I earlier used the term "orchestrated" and I really felt a bit like a conductor as I waved the firing stick around trying to keep everything in order.

Final comment: note that I have started to paint the yards and crow's nests on my boat.  Just the mizzen mast so far, but it does stand out and provide better definition.

I took my paper boat along, but after its previous poor performance I decided to give it a rest. Sadly on the way home my torch fell out of my pocket... the paper boat softened its fall.  Luckily nothing seriously damaged, but it seems my paper boat is in need of a carrying box to protect it from life's thrills and spills.


  1. Just caught up with your blog, a lot of good stuff going on. Sails of Glory looks very tempting, as does Wings of Glory. It looks like there may be vague similarities with X-Wing. I also really like the Macedonians and Napoleonics you've been showing. The photos show them off very well.

  2. Thanks Sean. The Sails and Wings of Glory games are great as you can play straight out of the box. They play well as a club game or just a simple one on one.

    Apart from DBA, the Ancients and Napoleonic games generally need a good bit of researching, collecting, painting, modelling and time to play, but that makes it all worthwhile too.