Thursday, May 1, 2014

Albatri and Flaming Camels

Took my Albatross to the NWS last night for a five player/five plane game of Wings of Glory.  Three Albatross being set upon by two Camels.  Steve's Camel caught fire early on, but that didn't stop him from damaging my plane before his timely demise.  At 11 damage points out of 15 I ran for home and let the others battle it out.  Great game for a club night.

I attempted to stall and let the Camel pass me, but he thought the same and I ended up in his sights.  Grrr.

Finally I get some shots in, but that flaming Camel still has a bead on me.  Grrr! 

That's it!  I've had enough, I'm taking what is left of my shot up crate home.

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