Saturday, May 24, 2014


Last Wednesday at the NWS I took Stephen's new (as in purchased that day) Spad (an S VII) up along with my old Spad XIII to take on a nimble white Fokker and a yellow Albatross in a game of Wings of Glory.

My Spad has a shot as it comes into range of the Fokker.

We took damage but luckily the Fokker's guns jammed or the silver Spad would have been in trouble.

The new Spad gets in some shots and the Albatross catches fire.

The highly maneuverable Fokker turns its attention back to my Spad.

I'm in trouble as smoke billows from my plane.

With well over half damage I ran for safety, my retreat covered by the new Fokker.

Success!  It must have been using incendiaries as the Fokker catches fire too.

However, reality does not quiet match the pictures.  Both German planes were able to extinguish their flames with surprisingly little damage.  The new Spad had by now taken over half damage and chose discretion, diving and heading for friendly lines.

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  1. This game and models are really awesome! I really enjoyed reading this post thanks!