Monday, May 26, 2014

Generaux vs HMS Defence

To day Mark W and I had a quick game of Sails of Glory (it took around 2 hours).  He took charge of HMS Defence while I sailed into the fray on my remodelled Generaux.

We commenced on a head on course and both got in limited broadsides.  I got the better of the exchange, inflicting significant mast damage on HMS Defence.

Then it all went to poop!  
I was unable to get my ship around and end up being taken aback while HMS Defence, after making some mast repairs, crept up and racked my stern.  Double shot!  This ended up being a death trap and it happened again with even worse results.

Stunning victory.

My revised basing looked good and played well.  the detailing on the masts, yards and sails also sets the ship apart so I now must complete the exercise on my other three ships. 

I have also discovered Sails of Glory should not be unknowingly confused with Glory Sailing (The Gay  & Lesbian Organisation for Racing and Yachting).  I assume Ares did their market research.

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