Sunday, March 17, 2019

The First to Fly the Coop

I'm an only child and my parents thought it would be a good idea to give away my toys if I didn't use them regularly.  Either that or them having grown up in the Great Depression and then lived through WW2 and the rationing aftermath made them quite frugal which has rubbed off on me.  As a consequence I now horde everything and give nothing away.  So when I do it is special.

 Thunderbolt, probably made this in the last thirty years, possibly a bit older.
I remember Atlantic City was a trigger having seen the movie (which has nothing to do with US warplanes I might add, I just liked it and Susan Sarandon)

 Pretty sure this dates from my teens back in the 1970s.

Both of these planes have been despatched to Julian of the ANF.

These poor chaps have been languishing since October 2014.
They have now found a good home with James of the ANF.
This image is dreadfully blurry, 
but better ones exist in posts under the Waterloo 1815 label


  1. The Dutch artillerists look truly wonderful 'in the flesh'. I am chuffed and quite moved to be the lucky recipient. I'll paint up a couple of French-style guns for them (which is the consensus on what they used prior to 1826) and, in line with your intentions (stated off-line) I'll base the officer separately to be used as a staff officer or artillery commander, depending on rules.
    Thanks again!