Friday, March 15, 2019

Holland'44 via Vassal

Will this be a game too far?

These images are from after the Allied combat phase, before the German turn.

Afternoon September the 17th

The 30th Corps has made good progress on the afternoon of the 17th of September.
They will be in Arnhem in no time at all.

The 101st had a good landing and have captured the bridges at Veghel.
Unfortunately the bridge at Son was blown before they good get it.

 The 82nd also made a good landing and were able to capture the bridge at Grave.
They have even started to probe into Nijmegen.

The British 1st Airborne landed well, 
but have been held up by a German battalion that successful conducted a determined defence.

Night September 17th

 30th Corps has made excellent progress,
but there have been a few losses
and the road is getting congested.

The 101st have created a good cordon and are busy securing the bridges.
Objective secured.

 The 82nd have made significant gains towards Nijmegen.
The road is also open back to the 101st.

But the real success story has been the British 1st Airborne
 who have been able to make it into Arnhem.

Morning September 18th

The Allied hopes fade as the day starts off overcast.

 30th Corps has reached Eindhoven.
They will soon have it cleared.

 The 101st bridge at Veghel came under counterattack,
but the enemy were driven off.

The noose is tightening on Nijmegen.

While round Arnhem, neither side is strong enough to attack.

Afternoon September 18th

 30th Corps have linked up with 101st Airborne.
50th Division have secured the left flank,
while 11th Armoured have broken out on the right flank.

82nd Airborne have taken Nijmegen.
However the road to the 101st is no longer clear.

Night September 18th

The 11th Armoured Division are driving the Germans back.
Although as can be seen in the following image,
the Germans are still threatening the main highway near Eindhoven.

The Guards Armoured Division has now teamed up with the 101st
and the way to Nijmegen is almost clear.

The 82nd is across the Waal, 
however they are coming under increasing pressure on their right flank.

That same pressure is also taking a toll on the British paratroopers.


  1. Interesting situation. Are you playing this via VASSAL solo or against an opponent?