Friday, March 15, 2019

Holland'44 via Vassal - Part 2

Crucial Game Turn 6 is upon us.  The airborne supply has been exhausted.  The weather has started out overcast, but will improve to just cloudy in the afternoon.

Morning September 19th

The action south of the Wilhelmina Canal.
The main fighting is against the 1st Parachute Army to the east.
Unfortunately it is tying up units that are needed for the drive to Arnhem.

The action below the River Maas (the central section).
The focus here is on securing the area.

Arnhem and Nijmegen.
The British paratroopers are suffering sustained losses.
Help is on its way, but it sure is a race against time.

Afternoon September 19th

The Germans are hanging on in this sector,
which is delaying the advance north.
Only a mild concern at this time...

The centre,
but the way is clear,
 just need to find some troops to send off to rescue the British paratroopers.

Reinforcing British paratroopers land just in time to reestablish the perimeter.


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