Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Holland'44 via Vassal - Part 4

Morning September 21st

The weather is ... clear!

11th Armoured is now just mopping up.

US paratroopers have dropped behind the Germans which should halt their offensive.
The 43rd Division is now engaged in driving back the German counterattack on Grave.

Lead elements of 30th Corps have almost reached Arnhem.

The Germans launch a series of desperate attacks.
They inflict losses, but are unable to take the critical locations.

Afternoon September 21st

The mopping up continues south of the Maas.

Allied troops cross the Rhine.

At this stage the Allies have the required 10 Victory Points to enable then to claim automatic victory.  The Germans have one more chance to retake Arnhem.

The final desperate attacks.
The 3:1 in Arnhem just resulted in Engaged, which would stop the Allies' ability to reinforce.
The 1:1 nearby came very close to success, causing two step losses as a desperate defence was conducted to hold that important bridge.

Wow this was an exciting game, very balanced.  The Germans have just got to keep attacking and the Allies just have to keep moving forward.  Fascinating mix of blocking and brute force bashing.

It also played really well solo and on Vasal.  Brilliant!

I played carefully, always checking the rules if I had any doubt.  I might have been over generous with the road bonus for advance after combat as there is a limit of one unit that can use this per road.