Monday, March 11, 2019

Ardennes'44 - Day 2

The bulge is starting to form.

 A small pocket of US troops cut off.
There is rather a good process that slowly increases over time time of isolated troops surrendering.
But these guys are doomed.
I'm just surprised GMT doesn't provide a counter for a German newsreel team.

 End of the morning turn of Day 2.
This game is a bit of a challenge to take in.
The elegant simplisticity of the system is swamped by the complexity of the counter mix and map.

 End of the afternoon turn.
While gaps are appearing, the road network forces the Germans to converge down various paths.
Meanwhile the US has started to launch counterattacks on the flanks.

 This is Patton driving up from the South.
There are special rules for fighting on the map edge,
but needless to say, the US troops got back on (far right bottom corner).

There was even a fight in the Northern sector that caused one German unit to retreat broken.

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