Sunday, March 10, 2019

A Day of Saga

Mark B made his gaming room available so we could play a few games of Saga to celebrate a visit by Paul. 

We had with four players and decided to start easy with four point armies, in paired set of the Clash of Warlords scenario. 

We were using the new Saga rules which Mark B had, that Olivier claimed to have read and that I am indifferent to (Saga in general, it's not really my thing and besides my army has never been successful).  At least Paul knew the rules (mostly, we had to look a few things up).

My Vikings turned into Saxons and fought Paul's Moors. 

My warband advancing

My warband full of doubt facing the Moors.

After six turns of mostly doubt, it was a draw.
At least we had had one combat.

While our game was progressing, Mark B and Olivier were also playing, but struggling with the rules.  Paul helped adjudicate and they got a few moves done before we broke for lunch.

 Then it was time for A Feast of Crows.
Olivier was desperate for a four way.
My Vikings continue their dismal time as Saxons (lower right).
Next is Olivier's shiny Pagans.
Then Mark B's slightly less shiny Crusaders.
Very top right hand is Simon's Spanish doubling as Moors,
 run to start with by Paul, but ultimately Brendan.
Simon and Stephen N were spectators.

 The Pagans kept teleporting into this wood and I spent time hunting them down.

 Target rich environment for my levy.
(Annoyingly when I took this photo they were meant to be in focus 
with the semi painted figures in the blurry distance.)

 Some of my Saxons stripped down ready for action.
(Again this photo has reversed the intent, perhaps that's a good thing).

 Climax of the battle as the Moors charge the Crusaders.

 My Saxons warriors keep looking for Pagans in the woods.

The final position.

The Moors finished on 9 points, having avoided most of the fighting as befits their limited army configuration.

The Pagans and Saxons were each on 10 points having mostly fought each other.

The Crusaders had a mighty 15 points (and by far the largest remaining force). 

Thanks Mark B for arranging this enjoyable day and to Paul for providing the incentive.


  1. Thanks for the write-up Mark, and thanks to you and to all for a great day.

    I wonder if Saga might shine for you a bit more when you find the right warband. Maybe the shooty hit-and-run of the Pagan Peoples?

    I very much enjoyed learning to handle on the Moorish board, and I solemnly swear to not disgrace Mark B's glorious gaming room with unpainted dudes again.

    1. I think I would have preferred running Vikings rather than Saxons, at least against the Moors as the Vikings have abilities to overcome fatigue :-)

      Hopefully Mark B is now inspired to finish painting his figures. You never know, Olivier might get around to applying an undercoat.

      And yes, I should look at running Pagans next time [against your fully painted and based figures :-) ]

  2. It was good to catch-up that "other-sider" Paul.

    While Saga initially put me outside of my comfort zone, I think I got the feel of the Crusader board in the 4 way game.

    An enjoyable day.

    An the trophy tray is mine, mwahahahaha! Thanks Paul - it's a work of art.

    Thanks for the blog, and I do hope "We'll meet again".

  3. Actually, the Moorish board is usable with the Age of Vikings setting, just like the sub-Roman Saxon board you used for Pagan Raiders in the Age of Crusades. In that case the Moors are relabelled as earlier-period Umayyads.

    So, we could fight your Vikings against my Moors, then painted and based by myself.

    - Paul