Tuesday, March 12, 2019

France - Closure

This games has been a bit of a bugger to play, and that's before adding in Internet and computer problems.  However I have prevailed,

18 July 1942 and I direct the armies I control as France as follows:

  • The US 1st Army is directed towards Magdeburg.
  • De Gaulle will liberate Denmark, but he also has a secret mission - À Berlin !  The Belgians and perhaps even the British, can liberate Denmark
  • The US 2nd Army will head for Leipzig.
  • The French Army of the Rhine, soon the be renamed the French 2nd Army, is to head to Prague.
  • The French 3rd Army (which was the Army defending the Maginot Line) is to head to Munich.
  • The French Army of the Alps is head north.

22 July and the US 2nd Army has surrounded Erfurt.  The French 3rd Army surrounds Stuttgart.

By 24 July de Gaulle has reached the outskirts of Berlin.  He begins the attack straight away.

On 26 July the US 1st Army captures Magdeburg, the US 2nd Army captures Erfurt, eliminating a dozen Axis divisions.  Leipzig is also captured.

The French 3rd Army captures Stuttgart and now it is onto Munich.  Will they be in time for Oktoberfest?

1 August and Leipzig is under counterattack.

The Army of the Alps is striking towards Innsbruck.

De Gaulle enters Berlin on 7 August.

This is the state of things in Europe on 7 August.

 And Asia, just for completeness.

The US 3rd Army, which is still forming, is redirected to Syria.

9 August the French 2nd Army has failed to make headway towards Prague and calls off its attacks.

The French 3rd Army is having better luck against Innsbruck, aided by the thrust north by the Army of the Alps.

The French aircraft carrier and its attendant vessels is sent to patrol the Red Sea.  The other fleet containing the main French capital ships is still undergoing repair.

12 August and fighting is raging at Stettin in the north and Innsbruck in the south.

The US 1st Army is now attacking Dresden while the US 2nd Army is now heading to Prague.

Dresden falls on 15 August along with Innsbruck.  The southern focus is now on Salzburg.

On 18 August the French 2nd Army and the US 2nd Army restart the offensive to liberate Prague.

By 23 August Salzburg is captured and Prague freed.

Germany and its European Axis partners surrender.

The Treaty of Rome occurs on the 27 of August and France makes many demands, securing a sizeable chunk of western Germany and northern Italy.

A different world order.

There is still the Pacific War to go, but that is mainly being played by the AI and given that there is a recent module which provides a major update for the naval components it would be rather redundant to pursue this part of the game.  My interest was France and that interest has now been served.  It's a pity we had so many challenges playing this game.


  1. A new Napoleonic order! Moscow in 43? :)

    1. I was wondering if the USSR was going to join in the war.