Friday, March 8, 2019

Alexander Empire versus Classical Indian with Impetus Second Edition

Having purchased the new rules I took up the opportunity to have a game with them against Dave's Indians.  Of course neither of us had fully read the rules.  I had made some new chits, but my time would have been better spent reading the rules.

 End of the first turn and my army starts to advance.
I'd forgotten it was possible to make multiple moves, 
but then I didn't want to come into immediate range of the enemy longbow.

 End of the second turn, from the Indian side.
My skirmishers had some early success 
and I was feeling confident that my plan, 
using my superior generals, 
was coming together.

 In a great sign my subcommander locked in his expert rating.
He was later to throw a six in a cohesion test that I was able to reroll, 
only to have him roll a six again and again resulting in his death.

 Turn three as seen from my left flank.
The enemy longbow, while generally not shooting too well, 
had taken out one of my skirmishers.
Time for action!

Turn four from my right and my army is about to collapse.
Charging Thracians had been met by deadly defensive longbow fire.
Then trampled by elephants.
This turn saw the death of the subcommander (he who rolled all the sixes), 
although Alexander was fighting on.

So, what is my opinion of the rules?  Clearly I need to read them properly, but they are obviously an improvement on the original Impetus (the switch to using half base widths as a measure of distance rather than fiddly centimetres). However, I felt they were an unnecessarily complex set of rules compared to Basic Impetus 2.0 which gives an equally excellent game.

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