Friday, March 31, 2017

War Between The States - Turns 29 to 32

Today we completed the first cycle of 1862.

First up is the strategic phase which covers production, leaders and supply.

Union still producing militia, 
but a better use of the now very limited manpower 
would be augmentation of small divisions.  
We shall see...

The Rebs busy augmenting away, 
building the big 10-3 infantry divisions.
They have also started building an ironclad.

The four turns that followed had Union initiative chits of 0,0,0, ....

Forrest attacks the Union force covering Fort Monroe.

With three turns of the Union relying on individual General's initiatives, 
finally General Smith got around to sending some reinforcements.  
But by then it was too late and the Union defenders had been forced back into the fort.  

General Butler, the previous commandant of Fort Monroe and who has since been commissioned to write a 40 volume study on fort construction techniques, wrote a letter to Lincoln offering to put aside his work and return to save Fort Monroe.  Lincoln graciously replied that the pen was mightier than the sword and that when the Rebs saw his work published thry would know that attacking US forts was pointless.

Which brings us to the last turn and Union initiative is 3!

Buell is told to get moving with the Army of the Mississippi.

McClellan is told to get moving with the Army of the Ohio.

And in a significant escalation, General McDowell is ordered to stage a landing,
cutting off the Rebs besieging Fort Monroe.

And down deep south, the Rebs have Savannah surrounded.

There will be some critical die rolls coming up for the Fort Monroe area of operations.  However they will have to wait as holidays are upon us and there will be a break of a few weeks before play resumes.

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