Wednesday, March 29, 2017

War Between The States - Turns 13 - 16

 The four turns of cycle 10/61 were largely uneventful.  The Union initiative chits were 0,0,0,3.

The Rebs besieged Ft Pickens down on the Gulf of Mexico.  
It would take the Union four weeks (turns) to get there...

I decided there was better things to do and succeeded in grabbing Savannah.
Perhaps it's a bit too early to march on Augusta, but it sure is tempting.

In the West it was mainly consolidation.
The Rebs are intent on holding Union City.

And in the East I got busy repairing the railroads.

The production system at the start of the 11/61 cycle.
We reordered things to align with the cycle dates.

The Rebs are building too, but not so much.


  1. Good to see the 3 initiative chit show up. :) Cut one of the corners while Simon is not watching, it makes it easier to pick . :) Only joking - maybe :)

  2. No cutting corners in this game!

    In full disclosure, the photo of the Reb production build was taken before 22 Militia were added.

    Just in case anyone is counting.