Tuesday, March 28, 2017

War Between The States - Turns 1 to 8

A classic SPI monster game and when Simon suggested we give it a go I jumped at the chance.

The Rebs start the war by crossing the state border and cutting the railway line near Baltimore.
The Union have no initiative.

The Reb cavalry continue their vandalism of the northern railways.
The Union sail troops to protect Ft Monroe.

And in the West the Union try to cover the approaches to St Louis.
A force has been sailed to Cairo.
(I sent the 3-3 Infantry.  Big mistake, I should have sent a 4-2 militia)

Turn three and the Union just watch the Reb cavalry tearing up the railways.
Shares in railway repair companies surge to all time high.

Out in the West the Union try and keep an eye on the Reb cavalry.

The Union force at Harper's Ferry is hungry.

The noose tightens on the Rebs out west.

The Union force at Harper's Ferry suffer severely from supply attrition.
I had decided it was best to leave them there and hope for the best in the fertile Shenandoah valley.
I didn't have the initiative to move them anyway...
The Rebs have sealed off Fort Monroe.

In an amazing spurt of initiative, the Union trap the Rebs against the river.

In the East very little happens.

But back in the West the Rebs have a lucky escape, but have to leave behind their supply wagons.

The last two turns so the Union with absolutely no initiative whatsoever.  Zilch!


  1. Brilliant! Epic affair. Please keep us updated!


    1. It's my first time playing this game. Simon had played it a good number of times before, but a few decades back. I've just come from our second session and will be preparing a post shortly.

    2. I remember those counters. While it was a few decades ago, notice how sun damaged some of the counters are. They got quite a bit of time on the table. :)

    3. And they are getting a bit more now.