Thursday, March 30, 2017

War Between The States - Turns 17 to 28

Today we completed the first year of the war.

11/61 saw Union action in the West as Lyon tried to clear a way to Union City.

The Reb militia fought hard and long (three turns) 
buying time for the Confederates to secure Union City.

The Rebs also started to surround Savannah,
just in time to stop the Union making a forced march to Augusta.

Finally the way out West is clear,
but now Union City is too well defended.

Union builds for 12/61
The first call for men has just about run dry.

I've just noticed the Rebs are building big cavalry divisions.
The Union have been building small ones...

Steale attacks near Harper's Ferry,
wiping out the Reb cavalry that had so vandalised the railroad.

Beauregard goes to Harper's Ferry, 
but lacks the motivation to engage Steale.
The Rebs had been planning this attack all year.
Good thing the Union had read about it in the West Point Chronicle.

Savannah continues to be surrounded.

What to do in the West?

The line of the Potomac is secured.
Magruder is pulled back to take up Beauregard's position covering the Shenandoah Valley

The build for 13/61
The Union make up for the lack of new men by converting militia to infantry.

The Rebs are just building infantry.

What to do about Union City?

The Union have reinforced Savannah,
hopefully matching the Reb build up.

All quiet along the Potomac,
although the Rebs are wrecking the railway around Harper's Ferry.

All quiet on the Mississippi too.

But in Ohio...

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