Thursday, March 16, 2017

Basic Impetus 2 - A Successful Thracian Affair

Last night at the club I had my first game with the new Basic Impetus rules.  This was against Andrew's Thracians and it was his second game with these rules.  I ran Early Macedonian Successor so it was an historical match-up.

End of Turn 1.  I had initiative (i.e. went first).
Terrain setup is different to Impetus as is deployment.
I had set up my Thracian light cavalry on my left  and then moved them right.  
I should have kept moving them.

End of Turn 2.  I again had initiative.
Some missile fire was now underway with mixed results.

Turn 3 and the Thracians had initiative which effectively gave them a double move.
Their elite cavalry has run into my peltasts.

Turn 4 and I had initiative and the double move.
This allowed my cavalry to counterattack.
Sadly they failed to follow up and were left exposed.

My centre heavy foot get into action.
I scored a lot of hits,
but was matched by Andrew's successful cohesion rolls.

Turn 5 and they had initiative.
However my flanks were holding firm and my centre...

Pike and long spear coming at ya!

Turn 6 and winning the initiative was icing on the cake.


  1. So on what basis was it a Thracian win?

    1. Ah, the subtlety of my language and the lateness of the hour of your comment.

      If I had lost it would have been an unsuccessful Thracian affair.