Thursday, March 2, 2017

The Thin White Line

Last night my skellies jingled and jangled bringing down the retribution of the villagers who didn't like their sleep disturbed.

The villagers, controlled by Mark B, advance.

My skellies attempt to spring an ambush.

The villagers deploy, forming a defensive line.

The Thin White Line

The skellies are only trying to defend their right to make a racket. 

The villagers feel a bit challenged.

Hack, bash, stab, crash.

My skellies are somewhat fragile.

They keep on fighting.  The benefit of being a skellie is you don't know your dead.  

Or possibly if you do you don't care.

But once out numbered the skellies were easy meat, even if a bit thin on the bone.

Song of Blades and Heroes is a great system for a fun fantasy miniatures game.


  1. "Thin White Line" is a fitting moniker! A loss by the thin-skinned force gives a new meaning to the phrase "roll dem bones."

    1. Thanks. And "roll dem bones" might do nicely for a future game post title.