Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Twin Saga

Yesterday Simon and I played two games of Saga back to back.  My Vikings against his Normans (occasionally disguised as Andalusians).  Just four points aside as I was rusty and this was Simon's first game(s) of Saga.

First up we did Clash of Warlords

I had success with my Hirdmen against some Norman Sergeants.

Although I ended up having to swap them out with some Bondi

But my Warlord had the ultimate success.

Then we tried the Sacred Ground scenario.
I seized the hill.

Some of my Bondi sneaked a look into the adjacent field.

While my Thralls attempted to put a few arrows into the enemy on their way to the wood.

Being on the hill was all very well, but I was not getting enough VPs.

My first attempt to capture the field was repulsed with heavy loss.

So in went my Warlord.

My other unit of Bondi entered the wood, but didn't attempt to evict the enemy.

My Warlord fought valiantly and died.

Both games were very successful and lots of fun.


  1. Hazzah! Your Vikings have ended their run of bad luck!

    I hope SImon enjoyed the games.


    1. Yes, I was shocked. However they went back to form for the second game.

      I'm sure Simon enjoyed the games. I'm still to fight the competition game with him.