Thursday, March 23, 2017

A Successful Sassanid Affair

My Early Macedonian Successors fought the Sassanids...

Mark B's Sassanids face my Greeks on very open terrain.

My skirmishers only got one dice, but what a beauty.
The enemy threw the same for their cohesion.  Sad.

The two armies jostling for position.

My skirmishers covering my left evade as best they can,
while on my right I send my cavalry to out flank the enemy.

This unit of skirmishers survived a charge by heavy cavalry and then by elephants.
Maybe there was some terrain after all.  
Repeatedly throwing 1's for Cohesion bought my army time.

My centre grinds on.
Its flanks protected by peltasts.

Briefly... both units of peltasts got mauled, 
but my cavalry came good.

And my Thracian peltasts miraculously dealt with the elephants.

But my pike won the day causing the Sassanid foot to flee.


  1. I make that Game 6 for Impetus in the 6 x 6 Challenge (I counted teh Basic Impetus game from the other day).

  2. Splendid looking game and another BI2.0 in the books. Good for you!

    1. Thanks. My army dates from the 1980s and even though some aspects are a bit dated, it is great to be getting good use out of it as well as the inspiration to add more units. I need another unit of pike for my Burgundians before I can try them out with Basic Impetus 2.