Tuesday, March 28, 2017

War Between The States - Turns 9 to 12

Yesterday's post was retitled to Turns 1 to 8 as that was the number we had played.  It just seemed longer.

Today we started with the Strategic turn for 9/61 (the ninth four week period in 1861).

Union Builds for 9/61.
Plenty of manpower but running short on supplies.

Reb production.
How ever bad it is for the Union it is worse for the Rebs.

The Union force at Harper's Ferry succumbed to hunger.
The whole of the Union almost ran out of supplies (one of the more fiddly and unpredictable aspects of the game is how much supplies your army consumes each cycle).

On his own initiative General Lyon moved a big division to Cairo.

And in another display of unusual initiative, 
General Steale sailed down and occupied Wilmington.

After securing St Louis, the challenge is now to collect the army together.
The Union river flotilla should put an end to Reb expansion in the West.

Not much is happening.
The Union initiative chits were 0,1,0,0.
The Rebs were busy deploying to defend their coastline.

The Union build for cycle 10/61.  
I'm rather pleased, and surprised, at the amount of cavalry I have been able to build.

The Rebs are expected to be able to field more troops sooner than the Union,
but will it do them any good?


  1. If I remember the rules correctly, those Reb reinforcements need to be spread evenly across the production centers(?) So they won't all be available in the right place at once. :)

    Just trying to help you Simon. :)

    1. Yes, and the Rebs have used up all their rail capacity so they are going to have to walk. The Union best be guarding the shoe store in Gettysburg.

  2. A game I have read about but never owned or played. For ACW at a strategic level, my choice has always been Victory Games' The Civil War. Very interested in following your play-through.

    1. It was one of the games I wanted to play back in the 1970s but missed out. I'm pretty sure my friend Norman from back then had it. The set up requires a bit of space (it would be perfect for Vassal) but the counters on map is not too challenging. Rules and mechanics are straight forward, but require some tracking to keep watch of railway capacity. We shall she how it develops (which really comes down to Simon and I having free time that matches up).