Thursday, March 3, 2016


Simon put on a great game of Zombies at the club last night.

My team of survivors.  Bertie is trying to discuss diplomatic strategy with one of the lads while Berkeley is busy cutting up stuff - doesn't she know the noise of a chainsaw may attract zombies?

See, I was right.  Here they come.

The brothers Green are armed with assault rifles and take out a few zombies long distance before everyone jumps the barricades so they can get into pistol range.

The (slightly) bigger picture.  There were six teams of survivors and hundreds of zombies.

We've dispatched the first swarm of zombies and are about to grab an objective chit.

Fashion victims

The objective turns out to be bad.  Nothing attracts zombies like a gas explosion.

We start to fall back.

Another survivor team is trapped upstairs 

Brothers Green don't seem to be able to maintain a good kill rate.

It's not looking good.

What to do?

These zombies look mean.  I don't think they like us.


... it's time to run away?

Thanks Simon for putting on this game and for everyone who supplied terrain and figures.  Lots of chaotic fun.


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    1. I'm just annoyed that I couldn't field more than two characters for the game.