Wednesday, March 9, 2016

French Napoleonic Guard Horse Artillery

I'm really pleased how these figures have turned out.  They just about painted themselves, such is the magic of AB Miniatures.

For Waterloo I had to improvise four FrG6# and when I found out I needed them for Austerlitz I splurged and bought some a month ago.

I am so happy that I have now finished painting them as my lead mountain is, um, best described as "disturbing".

The gun is from my impulse buy last year.

One thing I did differently with these chaps was use a 20/0 paintbrush for the detail and it really helped.

This guy is fantastic.  When I saw him on the AB site I just couldn't resist.

I hope I get lots of use out of him.

As I was playing about with them I found I could position them like this.  Not sure if that is of any use, but in might trigger some ideas in the future (being able to show limbered is the challenge). 

Finally got around to basing these for Napoleon's Battles.  The figures were painted by Chris H.  The guns are the ones that were pictured with the Guard Horse Artillery.


  1. Beautiful! I love these guys.

  2. I understand why you couldn't resist...and you've done a great job on them!

  3. I agree with Phil, top notch work on these figures/guns - well done Mark!


  4. Lovely painting SoY, nice additions to your collection.

    1. Thanks Paul. Feedback from a great painter such as yourself is much appreciated.

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks Mark. I have a challenge to match the beauty of the Scots Greys.