Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Taking Lead Mountain, a pikeman at a time.

At least some of these figures have only been on the to do list for a few years and more strikingly I got them all done in ten days which would be a record for me.  I attribute this speed to my first use of a wet palette.

The figures are 15mm Tin Soldier  HB14a - SELEUCID/BACTRIAN PIKEMAN, a one piece casting full of character and will do for any of my Hellenistic pike armies.

For my future reference the paints I used were:

Undercoat - Tamiya Red Brown XF64 (and this also served for the foot wear)
Linen Cuirass - VJ Stone Grey 70884
Uniform base - Jo Sonya Brown Madder
Uniform highlight - JS Napthol Crimson
Flesh - VJ Medium Flesh 70860
Base Pike fixtures - JS Carbon Black (I missed this step but the VJ Oily Steel metal colour didn't look good with a brown base, so I redid them to make a black base)
Beards - JS Carbon Black
Pike fixtures - VJ Oily Steel 70865
Flesh wash - Citadel Shade Reikland Fleshshade
Pike shaft - VJ Dark Sand 70847
Helmet - JS Rich Gold
Leather - JS Indian Red Oxide
Shield base - mix JS Rich Gold and JS Burnt Umber
Shield design - JS Burnt Umber
Shield highlight - JS Rich Gold
Pants - various Jo Sonya colours that dulled down using the brown base miraculously giving the effect I was looking for


  1. I used to have an Alexandrian Macedonian/Seleukid DBM army of Tin Soldier figures. Many people didn't like their character, but I adored them! Great work.

    1. Thanks. When I started my Hellenistic Army back in the 1980s the ready alternatives were Minifigs and Essex. Tin Soldier had just come out and were local plus, the Hoplites at least, had variety. The only drawback is lock in as other figures don't mix in well.

      I still find them fun to paint and game with and they are surprising versatile.