Monday, March 21, 2016

Early Macedonian Successor vs Carthaginian

Today I went over to Mark W's place where my Greeks fought his Carthaginians.

The Carthagaginians had four commands while I had three.

Turn 1 and I was worried about my right flank.

My centre was solid.

I had high hopes for my left wing until the commander decided he was really poor, throwing a double 1 for activation.  But in stroke of genius my expert CinC rolled a double 6 and flashed a charismatic smile which made all the bad vibes go away.

Turn 2 and progress is slow.  My attempts at double moves have ended in disorder. The white squares on the Carthaginian side are command cards which I'm trying out as basically a memory aid to which command has activated and also the abilities of the commander.

But come Turn 3 we are in action on the right.  It looked promising but ended in a stand-off.

Things got interesting with the Carthaginian Gauls who are impetuous.

My elephants were struggling.

My left were progress is poor, like the commander.

But Turn 4 saw the enemy skirmishes chased away and I've started to master the use of opportunity.

The centre is having trouble rallying.

But we have the first taste of victory on the right when my light cavalry are triumphant.

Turn 5 and I bring the light cavalry back.

The Elephants and Peltasts (white cloaks) keep fighting.

And we are now closing in on the enemy's right.

Turn 6 and again the light cavalry score another victory and this will rout the Carthaginian's left.  The Elephants have also come good.

The Peltasts have routed but my centre is solid and has plenty of pointed sticks directed at the enemy pachyderms.

We had a big infantry stoush on my left flank.  It was bloody and went through a number of iterations.  A flank charge by my cavalry failed, but everything else was favourable.

By this stage half of the enemy's commands had routed and with their other losses it was time for them to retreat.

Great game, but a few things I need to check.  For example, do infantry get their bonus for long spear against mounted if they are hit in the flank?


  1. Carthago deleta est! Lets hope the 6mm version is more successful. Good game.