Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Minor Successors vs Sassanids - Concluded

As things turned out there wasn't much play left in the game.

End of T6 and scratch one unit of elephants.

It had been a close run thing, with both sides throwing a six on their cohesion tests.

The Sassanids found themselves in a traffic jam on their right, where their major thrust was having trouble getting its superior numbers to bear against some lucky Greeks.

At this point we called it quits.  I was all for fighting on, but the Sassanids were disgruntled with the skewering of their elephants.  There was mention of the RSPCA... 

With 15mm, U=1cm and that can be a bit fiddly compared with the 1/72nd scale games were U=1 inch (or 25.4mm).

The 1/72nd scale frontage is 120mm which gives a ratio of U to frontage of 1 to 4.72, while for 15mm with a frontage of 80mm the ratio is 1 to 8.  If the same ratio is applied to 15mm U should be about 17mm.  Without making up special measuring sticks, could try U=2cm.  I must research the Impetus forum.


  1. Yes, fiddly, and glacial, compared to 1U = 1 inch.

    1. As deployment is based on being 30U away from centre line, it shouldn't be slower, however when crossing the front it certainly is. I've posted a question in the Impetus forum and waiting to see if I get a response.