Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Ancient Ancient Britons - Ready for action

I've posted about these guys before, but here they are ready for Impetus.

One each of CGL (Light War Chariots), FL (Light Foot), CL (Light Cavalry) and S (Skirmishers).

I know there will be casualties, so I'm prepared.

Printed paper glued to washers.  The casualty figures glued to magnetic sheets.


This pic may help anyone who wants to make such a disc.  I'm not sure of its original source.  I ended up putting it in Excel and sizing it and then replicating (copy and paste) and then printing and cutting out.  The washer I roughed up with sandpaper and then smeared with PVA glue and put the paper disc on and it was done.


  1. Santa Muerte says their will be blood, blood, blood.

    Let us pray that the terrain will rough and favour the lightly armed British.

  2. Great! I like your casualty washers idea!

  3. Dial-A-Loss marker is a nifty idea! With the magnetic sheet, does the washer remain mostly in place during play?

  4. Thanks guys. I updated the post to give a bit of information how I made the disc.

    The magnetic sheet works fine to hold in place. This might be due to the larger washer in use and possibly better quality (i.e. stronger) magnetic sheet.

    I have done some for 15mm and used two different magnetic sheets (just free stuff I had to hand). One works fine the other is a bit loose. Something to watch out for if you are doing it one the cheap. As my 15mm were only temporary I'm not too concerned, but knowing how long temporary things can hang around...

  5. Hi Mark,
    I designed those dials.

    1. Ah ha! Yes, that's right. We used them in the Waterloo game (or there abouts).

      Well spotted!