Wednesday, March 2, 2016

What else can I do with my Saga Vikings?

I got to thinking, could I use my Vikings to make a DBA army?

Ain't going be forming and 4Bd stands.

Or 3Bd

And not 3Ax or 3Wb.

Not even 3Bw.

Oh yeah, I can do 2Ps. 

7Hd are out of the question.  One of the options requires 3Kn, but I'd have to buy and paint such figures for this army, might be fun to have.

I think the blurriness is my mind refusing to countenance using my Vikings for Impetus.  At least they would fit, but given you would be expecting to see more like sixteen figures, not sure it would look good on the table.

I think my Vikings will be just for Saga (and maybe a bit of Songs of Blades and Heroes).


  1. ...and the upcoming Blood Eagle from the Ministry of Gentlemanly Warfare (authors of In Her Majesty's Name)?

  2. You could use them in other rulesets, like Lion Rampant or Open Combat.

  3. Thanks for the suggestions. I'm always keen to know there are options for my guys (not that I'm not wanting to play Saga with them).

  4. Dux Bellorum rules (Osprey) are intended for the early bit of the British dark ages (when the Romans left), but the Sea Raider force could be norsemen, who could fight against Scots, Irish or Later Saxons.

    1. Thanks. They are proving to be versatile. A good investment, if only they could win battles for me.