Thursday, March 17, 2016

Normans keep their distance

No keep, plenty of distance in this game of Saga when Brendan's borrowed Normans decided on distance as the better part of valour and my Vikings didn't feel like chasing after those horsey things.

My deployment didn't help and I should have researched the Normans first and perhaps gone for more terrain and/or a different scenario, but I was a bit wargamed out after the earlier Impetus game.

Before I knew it those Norman knaves had shot my levy to bits.

Dancing round the marsh.  It didn't help that I had decided to withdraw.

By the time I had decide to engage it was getting a bit late.

At least I got some of my warriors into those Norman shooters.

My third loss in my Saga League division and I've only played three games...


  1. lovely post, great birds eye view pictures of the figures - nice!

  2. You did look quite fatigued on the night. Hard to win when your Warlord starts with three fatigue counters personally. Look on the brightside in the multiplayer round I won't have room to manoeuvre.

    1. We will need to get on and schedule the multiplayer game. My Vikings are due a win sometime.