Thursday, May 7, 2015

Wings of Ambush

Last night at the club Stephen arranged an ambush scenario for Wings of Glory.  It was to be two Camels surprising five Albatri.  I didn't fancy the odds, knowing how hard it is to get a quick kill, however Stephen had come up with a 3 card hit if it was a diving attack at close range.  Greg took two of the Albatri and Stephen the other three.  Mark B took one Camel and I took the other.  Luckily we were joined by Jason whose opponent was a no show and he took a third Camel (bit of a come down from the game he was going to play - Star Wars Armada I think).

After the surprise attack Greg turned his two Albatross fighters to face me - good move.  I over lapped one and so only got one hit (I'm an altitude level higher).  Stephen did allsorts with his three planes.  Mark B is the central Camel and Jason the one with blue rings.  We had lots of jammed guns at this stage (and later stages too).

I've lost my targets, but my fellow flyers are on the tails of two of the bad guys.

Circling round.  Best thing to do when you're on fire.

Jason has bagged his bad guy (very top of the picture).

Then it was my turn - a very lucky shot destroys an Albatross (the third Camel is flying under my plane - I had maintained altitude).

Mark B's Camel burns to a crisp - we suffer our first loss.
But a mid air collision takes out another of the Albatross. 

There are now only four planes left - two on two.

A close up of my plane.

We're all over the place.

Yikes!  How did that happen?

Ha ha!  Got him.  Thanks heavens for Mr Immelmann and his invention of the eponymous turn.

But I had not got off Scot free.

Somewhere in all that I also downed a third Albatross - three kills in one game!  Hoot!

I've credited Mark B's kill to Greg.  The very unofficial leader board now looks like this:

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