Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Wheeling in Napoleon's Battles

So, I'm organising a refight of Waterloo in 15mm using Napoleon's Battles, a ruleset that is not known to many of the players... I need to keep it simple.

Also practical.  The maneuver template, critical for wheeling was going to be a tad unwieldy (which it is at the best of times).  I've always used it, but, as it's an optional rule I thought the basic wheeling rule would be fine.  As I found out yesterday, it's not.  It allows units to wheel at super speed, something that was sure to cause cries of anguish etc etc.

Back to the template.  However I checked the Yahoo group and someone had made a comment (on a thread discussing the not totally unrelated artillery fire zone template) that the maneuver template was just basically double the distance, measured just like in FOG.

Is it?
Old Guard Chasseurs ready for wheeling
Wheeling template deployed.  They will do a "six dot wheel" which will cost them six inches of movement.
Wheel completed. 
Positioned marked and measured.  As close to three inches as fiddly possible
So it is.

Problem solved.

And credit due to:

Now, what about turning 90 degrees?

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  1. It's simple and sensible isn't it. If you have ever done or seen any marching then you know it takes longer. Halving the move, is a simple, functional wargames mechanism. Of course, you could argue that at your scale it makes no difference, but it is always good to slow down the manoeuvrability of figures on the tabletop, I contest, they behave too much like supermen.