Thursday, May 28, 2015

28 Orange-Nassau

My order of battle for Waterloo required a unit of 16 figures to represent the 28 Orange-Nassau regiment.  Given its size it is equivalent to a brigade unit with the Napoleon's Battles rules I use.

The figures were undercoated with Tamiya Flat Black which I find doesn't obscure details.  I then painted the figures as follows:

Base coat for jackets
VJ Prussian Blue
Pants and greatcoat
VJ German Field Grey
Mix of JS Carbon Black and Titanium White
Tamiya Flat Earth
VJ English Uniform
Basecoat bag and plume
VJ Stone Grey
Cockade and sash
JS Orange
Collar, cuffs and coat tails
JS Napthol Red Light
Water bottle
JS Sapphire
Water bottle trim
JS Provincial Beige
Drum and sword scabbard tip and sword trim
JS Rich Gold
Belts, webbing and plume
JS Titanium White
Face and hands
VJ Flat Flesh
Musket stock
Tamiya Flat Brown
Shako ornaments, musket barrel and sword
VJ Oily Steel
Shako, scabbard, ammo box highlight
VJ Black
Pant and greatcoat highlight
Mix VJ German Field Grey and Stone Grey
Jacket highlight
VJ Dark Blue
Face and hands wash
Citadel Shade Reikland Flesh Shade
Metal high lights
JS Silver

VJ is Vallejo and JS is Jo Sonja's.  I also painted hair and drumsticks etc, but didn't take a note of what colours I used. 

When finsihed I gave the bayonets and sword a strengthening coat of PVA glue.  

After flocking I varnished with a Matt Varnish Spray from Jackson's Art Supplies here in Perth.

Here's some more photos of them (but I've put them down here as I don't feel they do the finished figures justice).


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    1. Thanks. I really need to keep a record of what paints I use as I tend to come back to units years later and try and add more figures and then have trouble remembering what shades I used.