Tuesday, May 12, 2015

D'Erlon's Attack

Well, not really, but for today's Napoleon's Battles practice game, I lined up the French I and VI Corps supported by the IV Cavalry Corps against a hodge podge allied side commanded by Mark W and Stephen B.

The aim was to see how D'Erlon's attack might look as well as fighting for the three built-up areas.  Note the clear labels in use for some of the French units - they looked good and displayed well.

The Brunswick cavalry filled in for the Scots Greys in cutting a swathe through the I Corps.  Picton then led his lads in an attack and after some excitement pushed the French back.

After this I launched a cavalry attack.  I was able to pin one unit, but two others formed square.  The results weren't too bad.

The attack on La Haie-Sainte never even got close as the troops were repeatedly shot to pieces.

An attack did go in against La Papelotte, but was repulsed.

A determined attack against Hougumont failed miserably, but not before weakening the defenders. 

I am very happy with the BUA rules (double score required to do one hit on deployed troops, plus one to the disordered number).  Attacking units use their formation combat modifier.  Note I am playing these three farm complexes as BUAs rather than deal with detachments for buildings areas that are very small.  As I have left out hedges and sunken road considerations I felt these defensive terrain considerations can be abstracted into slightly bigger BUAs than the ground ratio would permit.  It worked well with this game.  Given the wooded areas around these three places they also represent rough terrain for just moving through them.

We were using the basic wheel rules and I'm taking some getting used to them, especially the ability it gives troops to clear rough ground - I need to do a post on this by way of example.

I am also not fully happy with how attached generals behave after combat.  Time for some more discussion in the Yahoo Group.

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  1. The transparent labels do look good!

    The BUA's fill me with dread though.