Monday, May 4, 2015

British 16th Light Dragoons

Yeah!  Finished my bag of Old Glory British Light Dragoons which I bought about five years ago (and no idea how long before that they had been languishing in the store).  I had been a little disappointed as they didn't have the variety that I am used to with Old Glory, but now they are finished I am very happy.

16BrLC in march column.

The flag is printed from something I found on the Internet.  The detail has come up really well in this picture, it is a bit pale with the naked eye.

Ready for business.

Showing discretion - most unlikely!

This completes the cavalry I need to do for Waterloo at this stage.  Some infantry, artillery and generals remain to be done.


  1. They look brilliant, Mark. The horses came out particularly well. I'm sure they'll do the Duke proud at Waterloo.

    1. Thanks. I'm actually very pleased with the horses. I painted them first and then left the unit for a while (dreading the challenge of getting a good blue). The paints are used I inherited from my mum and were Artlier brand in classic painting hues - burnt umber, raw sienna etc. They could actually (almost) be blended like you do with oils, but it is more luck than skill.

      Did you see Bertie fighting the zombies? He accounted well for himself.