Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Kiev to Rostov - Turn 35 and 36 (part)

Things are starting to get serious.  The remnants of the the Soviet forces north of the southern sector portrayed in this game have now started to make an appearance, pursued by part of the Axis Army Group Centre, some guy called Guderian...

Kremenchug has fallen, and even though the bridge has been blown, it has given the Axis a bridgehead over the Dnepr.

The outline of the pocket.  With the start of game turn 36 the Soviets can start to withdraw, but it is going to be a tricky affair.

Down south the Axis clear the way to the gateway to the Crimea and launch an attack on a key road and rail junction further east.

At the end of the Axis 36 turn their bridgehead has started to expand...

The northern front is now active and the Soviets are going to be in a race as they pull back.  Kiev is now under close assault.

The Axis start to break into the Crimea.  For the focus of this game, this is just a sideshow.  The Axis attack east was repulsed and now they must wait for their supplies to catch up.

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