Thursday, May 14, 2015

Quatre Bras at the NWS - Again

With the time available this is really just a training session, but it still gave a fun game.

The French were commanded by Mark B and David B (left and right flanks).  The Allies by Stephen B and Matthew (in what I recall as a more fluid command structure).

I set up the forces and then left them to it, just offering words of advice (and occasional cries of horror) as the game progressed.

2nd Nassau holding the wood, with the militia in the farm, with the Orange-Nassau, jagers and artillery in support.  Picton and Merlin have just arrived (I think for future play balance Picton should be in march column as at 14:30 he had only just arrived).

Ney launches an attack on the farm and gets repulsed.  It was +2 to +1 in the French favour, but they threw badly.  They used a free roll and then got a much worse result.

This is before the charge of the Dutch-Belgian cavalry against Pire's cavalry by the side of the wood.  The French have also pushed over the stream, but faced by the Brunswick cavalry decided to form square, not something I would have done with that British line so close.  (The rogue base near the sunken road is just a casualty that hasn't been fully removed).

After mauling the French cavalry, the Dutch-Belgian horse fell back (as a result of a bounce against the second French brigade).  It was exciting stuff and also used up another free roll for little effect, both sides tying and therefore bouncing.  The French square got beat up by the British line, but was able to withdraw (funny rule confusion there that I must investigate).  The French horse artillery, firing over the pond, had disordered the Brunswick cavalry, neutralizing that threat.

Note the new unit cards (downloaded from the Yahoo Napoleon's Battles Group and with a bit of additional work).  They have been very well received.

The new wheeling mechanic worked well.  I also introduced a 90 degree turn as a change of formation move.  It works well for units in column, not sure it can be used by a unit in March Column (in the same way they can't form square).  For a unit in line... I'm still thinking it through.

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  1. Definitely the year when too many Quatre Bras is barely enough!