Saturday, May 30, 2015

Von Bulow vs Reille and D'Erlon

This week I ran through six turns of a Napoleon's Battles game for Darren, Graham, Stephen B, Mark B and Dave B ahead of the big Waterloo game on 13 June.

This was the set up, with the Prussians holding the two boxes (as a visitor called them when asking about our game while she took lots of photographs).

Darren needs to learn about cavalry (as he will be Uxbridge) so in they went.  French formed squares.  Cavalry bounced.

Reille (Graham) made a determined attack just as more Prussians were arriving.

The Built Up Areas, eh "boxes", proved very tough, although an initial attack in column might not have been the best tactic.

With just three turns it was noticeable how quickly troops were being worn down.

I have been too clever with the labels by adding the unit names and need to go back and update the OOB which just has the generic brigade/division/corps reference.


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    1. Thanks. They are on mix of terrain, always hard to put together on a impromptu club night. The terrain system I'm using for Waterloo will be quiet different.