Thursday, May 21, 2015

Defence of the Lego Factory

Last night at the club we had a six player game, one plane each, of Wings of Glory.

I'm flying an Albatross DII and the Lego Factory can be seen top left hand corner of the photo.

The bomber, an Italian job, is being flown by Craig and Simon C is escorting him in the Bristol Fighter and Mark B is in the Camel.  On my side is Brendan in the yellow Fokker (very top of the picture) and Stephen N in the other Albatross.  All miniatures and terrain and scenario design is Stephen's as per usual.

It soon turned in to a conga line as we successively dropped altitude and turned in on the lumbering bomber.

The Camel got into a spot of bother and wasn't seen again, but the Bristol was closing in.

Playing with altitude is a curse as once you miss a dive it is hard to catch up, so while we all look close, we are actually mostly out of range.

The Fokker dances about the bomber and I get some well aimed shots in.  However the Bristol Fighter serves Stephan's Albatross a critical hit.

The bomber can take a lot of damage.  To my horror, having positioned myself in his blind spot we find this particular model plane doesn't have one, well not according to the manual.  Worse the Bristol Fighter is now firing on me as well. 

The bomber does its ghastly work and turns to home.  Its escort does the same.  With fifty percent damage I am going to head for home.


  1. Have the WW2 version... must have another game :) Tis good fun :)

    1. The WW2 version plays very fast. It's a pity they don't have the range of planes for WW2 that they do for WW1.