Thursday, March 23, 2023

Tiny Arnhem Campaign Turn 1 First Battle

Hot on the heels of Tiny Hans and Tiny Town we are now into Simon's Arnhem campaign using the SPI Arnhem West Wall Quad game and 6mm miniatures with the Nations at War rules.

From hoping for the quiet life as commander of the LXXXIV German Army Corps I find I am thrust in to the role of General Model, Commander Army Group B (who just happened to be hiding at, I mean visiting, my Headquarters) when the sky darkened.

Using Vassal the end of Turn 1 movement looks like this:

Adjacency generates battles and so there are three: 
  • Arnhem, 
  • the woods west of Arnhem and 
  • just east of Nijmegen.  
Last night at the club we did the Nijmegen encounter: the 2/508 battalion of the 82nd Airborne is trapped against the Waal.  I commanded the recon battalion of the 9SS and Curtis the 1/406 battalion.  We also had support from the 10SS artillery firing from near Arnhem.  The paras were commanded by John.

The recon battalion had eight elements,
all mounted.

The enemy are hidden "over there"

One unit has been sent to investigate the woods, top of the image.
It ended in disaster!

A devastating artillery strike and follow up concentrated fire 
allowed the Germans to break into the village were the American had been hiding.
The 1/406 had arrived just at the right time to complete the encirclement.

Wider shot showing the location of the other US paratroopers 
(darker green bases).
While the US battalion was effectively eliminated,
the Germans took some casualties which will hurt as the campaign continues.

Excellent to be part of a campaign as it gives so much more depth to miniature games.


  1. very unusual but obviously playable in that scale

    1. While I am only a participant in this campaign, using a boardgame to control a miniatures campaign is something I have long wanted to do.