Friday, July 23, 2021

Maurikian Byzantines versus Early Khalifs

An historic mid 7th Century match up.  This was an introductory first game for John who took my Arab army to face me with my Byzantines.  While a friendly, learning game it still produced lots of fun.

End of the first turn and the Byzantines are well placed to attack.
I was not going easy on the new guy.

They seize the initiative and do just that!
With this initial success I started to feel a bit mean.

But wait, one combat was not completed...
Disaster strikes as the Byzantine CnC and his unit is routed.

The Arab fanatics now start to roughly handle the Byzantine foot.

Both sides are one unit away from breaking.

But the Byzantines break first.


  1. Ain't it always the way? My WW2 Soviet Mechanised Brigade lost but one battle during its existence. To a beginner who'd never played before...

    1. The dice rolls were interesting. I was fairly consistently lucky, but John had a string of bad luck to start, then some amazing good luck and then just average.

      The die rolls in the World in Flames game on Thursday have similar patterns. In both games it becomes a question of risk management - anything can happen, can I afford a bad result?

      However, I consider myself lucky in that I was able to get two of my armies on the table for a fun game!